EMET protection circumvented due to exploits Flash and Silverlight on Windows 7

EMET protection circumvented due to exploits Flash and Silverlight on Windows 7
To infect machines with the ransomware TeslaCrypt

Microsoft offers for years EMET (Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit), a security tool designed primarily for businesses, but individuals can also use it. Offered free of charge, it is a bulwark that reduces the risks associated with exploitation of the 0 – day vulnerabilities in Windows or even known buy windows 7 product key vulnerabilities for which patches available have not yet been applied. However this tool has taken to reverse by cybercriminals, according to researchers at FireEye security firm. They report that new exploits allow bypassing the additional protections provided by EMET on Windows 7, the most widely used version of Windows currently.

These exploits are included in the arsenal of the exploits Angler kit which is one of the favorite tools of cybercriminals to carry out attacks drive-by download (web attacks resulting in the automatic download of malware). They rely on the Flash Player and Silverlight plugins to inject the TeslaCrypt ransomware. FireEye researchers explain that Flash and Silverlight exploits respectively windows7 professional product key have resorted to Flash.ocx and Coreclr.dll routines to call functions, they pass protection DEP (Data Execution Prevention) before you run shellcode. They can also circumvent other referred to as FAE (Export Address Table Access Filtering) and FAE (Export Address Table Access Filtering Plus +) protections.

This new method has some limitations. FireEye researchers observed Act than on Windows 7 and not on the latest version Windows 10, widely regarded as being more resistant to exploits. In addition, targeted PC must have Flash or Silverlight installed, which means that the attacks will not succeed if the systems involved get windows 7 product key cheap do not use these plugins. Recently, the authors of TeslaCrypt have released the master key to decrypt files taken hostage. If the threat is so alarming, nothing can prevent the exploits of EMET to install other malicious applications and carry out other attacks.

Therefore, the security firm suggests that applications like Adobe Flash, Web and Oracle Java browsers are regularly updated, prioritizing critical patches. Otherwise, “disabling Flash or Silverlight plugins windows 7 pro 64 bit product key for browsers can also reduce the attack surface,” writes FireEye.

If Microsoft designed EMET to block attacks that rely on this type of exploits, Angler developers were able to circumvent this shield of protection with new techniques. Next versions of EMET seek once again to regain control and block these exploits.

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